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eVerify vs. Inteligator: Which Is The Better Background Checking Service?

Employers need to monitor the applications that they tend to get for different types of jobs. This is an integral component of why the background check has become a highly successful aspect of the application process. Understanding some of the common programs will give employers a new edge when it comes to managing this process from the start. Comparing eVerify vs. Inteligator will give employers a necessary edge when they track these programs. Each has their own comparative strengths and weaknesses, in addition to a user friendly layout.

What To Expect From eVerify

everify bannerThis is an internet based system that will give employers a new outlook on their applications. As shown in this review of eVerify, the primary function is to determine the eligibility of applicants to work within the United States. This is a tricky subject, since there are many laws governing the way that people may apply. But eVerify has been updated and will include tools to scan through applications rapidly. The creators understand that laws tend to vary from state to state. There are also features like an employee image scanning system. This will catalog employee images and make it much simpler to find out information on the fly. Users can track this information as needed and get linked up with real reports for hiring meetings.

The basic outline of eVerify was introduced in 1997. It has been consistently updated since then, making it a premier choice for employers in the United States. It has been proven to weed out illegal aliens looking to search for employment opportunities. Currently enrolled employees can enter their information confidently, since the system is secure. Employers may need to update existing information throughout the course of the year. The creators of the program have incorporated a helpful guidebook to keep people in the loop about how this might work.

Other Advantages Include

  • Protection from scams
  • Intelligence data
  • Real government reports
  • Guarantee of accurate information

Inteligator Introduces A New Option

When comparing eVerify vs. Inteligator, there are some unique attributes to weigh. Inteligator is less polished than other programs out on the market. But it does have some special functions that will make it stand out on the market. It has the ability to search out sex offenders and other criminals that may not be found elsewhere. Court records are readily available through this software program as well.

There is a mass of information to be found through the annals of this software program. But Inteligator will make it possible for families and individuals to sort through what they need. People should plan in advance for how they can get involved with the program. To know more about it, please check out these reviews on the Inteligator service.


background report 360 bannerCourt dates are often set, so users can plan out how they can test out the program going forward. They need to buy in to the software quickly and get the program going as rapidly as possible. Ultimately, eVerify is still the standard in the realm of information security.

Business owners should consider getting both to contrast the advantages that they bring to their operation. Inteligator will be a more rough hewed means of getting to information needed to make an employment decision.

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